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Frequently Asked Questions

This data set was built on my personal domain knowledge. I made this data to help buyers and investors better understand the highly competitive cybersecurity industry. Use my experience as an operator and buyer of cybersecurity products to help you cut through the marketing hype.

This data is for any person or organization that wants to go deeper than just general news updates.

All data I collect is publicly available. Sources include search engines, news sites, funding platforms, and social media sites.

All companies are assigned a cybersecurity product category and this is done manually by me. I make sure the companies in this data set are actually solving cybersecurity challenges. I collect public data sources and use my perspective as a buyer and operator in the cybersecurity space for 16 years to assign product categories. This lets you compare apples to apples.

Yes. The subscription starts month-to-month unless you buy the annual plan, so you can cancel at any time.

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